Global Catheter Market|Size,Share,Growth|2023-2030

Catheter Market Size (2023 - 2030)

The global catheter market size is projected to grow with a CAGR of 8.9% to reach USD 24.5 million by 2030 from USD 16.3 billion in 2022 throughout the timeline period. 

A catheter is a medical sterile device that is used for a short time after surgery or to monitor urine output among hospitalized patients. A catheter is a soft, flexible, small tube and made up of latex or silicone. The raw material used for manufacturing catheters includes plain latex, plastic, polyvinyl chloride, silicone hydrogel, and polymer hydromer.

Catheters are used for therapeutic, and diagnostic purposes that include gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology, urology, etc. Moreover, the catheters are coated with anti-microbial agents like silver ions that are non-hazardous to humans.


The catheter market owes to the growth in the high patient volume with rising chronic diseases resulting in hospitalization and the growing propensity of the midscale catheter manufacturers propel the catheters market. The catheters adoption rate is surging as the number of chronic illnesses is mounting. Chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure are the major reasons for increasing chronic cases like kidney failures.

Moreover, patients who undergo general medication need catheters. The sales of catheters are flourishing with the latest technological innovations and the demand for minimally invasive procedures is escalating fueling the catheters market growth globally. Private researchers are increasing their funding for research and development activities of new devices influences the market growth.


However, product recalls and product failures, unfavorable taxation policies, and protectiveness are projected to diminish the market growth over the timeframe period. The cost of the advanced catheters hinders the market growth.

Segment Analysis

Global Catheter Market - By Type:

  • Cardiovascular Catheters
  • Angiography catheters
  • IVUS/OCT catheters
  • Guiding catheters
  • Electrophysiology catheters
  • Balloon catheters
  • Urological Catheters
  • Urinary Catheters
  • Indwelling/Foley Catheters
  • Intermittent Catheters
  • External Catheters
  • Dialysis Catheters
  • Hemodialysis catheters
  • Peritoneal dialysis catheters;
    Intravenous Catheters
  • Peripheral Catheters
  • Midline Peripheral Catheters
  • Central Venous Catheters
  • Peripherally inserted central catheters
  • Non-tunneled central catheters
  • Skin-tunneled central catheter
  • Implantable ports
  • Neurovascular Catheters
  • Specialty Catheters
  • Pressure and Hemodynamic Monitoring Catheters
  • Temperature Monitoring Catheters
  • Intrauterine Insemination Catheters
  • Other Catheters

Based on the type, the cardiovascular catheters segment is leading the market. The cardiovascular catheters segment is sub-categorized into angiography catheters, guiding catheters, IVUS/OCT catheters, balloon catheters, and electrophysiology catheters. 
Of these sub-categories, the electrophysiology catheters accounted for the largest share in the cardiovascular catheters.

The urological catheter stands second in place with the largest share in terms of revenue. The urological catheter market owes to ongoing advancements in technology and amplifying the frequent urological diseases.

The specialty catheters segment is registered to grow with the highest CAGR rate due to its growing significance in physicians. The demand for minimally invasive procedures is integrated with the rise in the frequent rise in targeted diseases. Also, key players are using advanced technologies to garner market growth.

Global Catheter Market - By End-User:

  • Hospitals
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Other End Users

By end-user, the hospital's segment dominated the catheter market in 2022. The hospital's segment is also expected to grow with the highest CAGR growth rate. The increasing occurrences of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), urinary incontinence, and other chronic diseases, and the rise in the volume of patients worldwide result in the growing demand for hospital segment growth.

Regional Analysis

North America is dominating the catheter market globally.

The U.S and Canada are the major contributors to the catheters market. Canada and the U.S have experienced a high occurring rate of chronic disorders because of inactive lifestyles. In the U.S., heart diseases account for one in every four deaths, as per the CDC. Equally, heart disease was one of the leading causes of death and disabilities in Canada, as per the IHME data published in 2017.

Europe is intended to have tremendous growth in the global catheters market. The increasing elderly population, growing demand for surgical procedures, and booming requirement for interventional radiology procedures mount the catheters market in Europe. The market players in Europe are investing in research and development activities in urinary catheters offering products that can resist microbial contamination.

The number of patients volume is on a high rise who are undergoing surgeries every year. For example, an approximation of 2million surgeries was performed in Europe in 2018.

However, Asia-Pacific is foreseen to observe swift growth during the forecast period. Factors like increasing favorable government policies, product launches, and approvals boost catheters market growth. Countries like India and China are fueling the market growth attributing to increasing healthcare expenses, growing awareness, and the advent of well-established healthcare amenities.

Terumo Corporation, a Japan-based company procured Sequent Medical through its subsidiary in the U.S. Increasing patient volume suffering from kidney and cardiovascular problems and developing medical services are believed to accumulate the market growth.

Latin American and the Middle East and African regions are awaited to record the highest growth pace during 2023 - 2030. The market growth in these two regions owes to the increase in healthcare expenses, advancements in the healthcare infrastructure, and growth in medical tourism.

Major key players in the global catheter market

1. Medtronic (Ireland)

2. Teleflex Incorporated (US)

3. Abbott (US)

4. B. Braun Melsungen AG (Germany)

5. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation (US)

6. Coloplast (Denmark)

7. Johnson & Johnson Services (US)

8. Terumo Corporation (Japan)

9. Becton, Dickinson

10. Company (US)

11. Boston Scientific Corporation (US)

12. ConvaTec Group (UK)

13. Hollister Incorporated (US)

14. Stryker (US), Cook Medical (US)

15. Merit Medical Systems (US)

COVID-19 Impact On global catheter market

The continuous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has affected the catheters market slightly in 2022. During the pandemic period, the decrease in the number of emergencies along with general visits related to cardiovascular diseases. Despite the decreased hospital admissions of patients in 2022, the decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases and a high proportion of the population suffering from chronic conditions is projected to upsurge the market growth over the upcoming years. 

Recent Market Developments

  • On November 10, 2022, Medtronic India broadcasted the introduction of the Arctic Front Cardiac Cryoablation Catheter System for treating Atrial Fibrillation. Cryoballoon catheter ablation is a minimally invasive procedure and one of the therapeutic modalities. 
  • On December 02, 2022, Becton Dickinson circulated as it acquired Venclose. BD also acquired its solutions for treating chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). The Venclose system is designed with two heating length sizes in one 6 FR-sized catheters.

Chapter 1. Global Catheter Market – Scope & Methodology

1.1. Market Segmentation

1.2. Assumptionsa

1.3. Research Methodology

1.4. Primary Sources

1.5. Secondary Sources

Chapter 2. Global Catheter Market – Executive Summary

2.1. Market Size & Forecast – (2021 – 2027) ($M/$Bn)

2.2. Key Trends & Insights

2.3. COVID-19 Impact Analysis

2.3.1. Impact during 2022 - 2027

2.3.2. Impact on Supply – Demand

Chapter 3. Global Catheter Market – Competition Scenario

3.1. Market Share Analysis

3.2. Product Benchmarking

3.3. Competitive Strategy & Development Scenario

3.4. Competitive Pricing Analysis

3.5. Supplier - Distributor Analysis

Chapter 4. Global Catheter Market Entry Scenario

4.1. Case Studies – Start-up/Thriving Companies

4.2. Regulatory Scenario - By Region

4.3 Customer Analysis

4.4. Porters Five Force Model

4.4.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.4.2. Bargaining Powers of Customers

4.4.3. Threat of New Entrants

4.4.4. Rivalry among Existing Players

4.4.5. Threat of Substitutes

Chapter 5. Global Catheter Market - Landscape

5.1. Value Chain Analysis – Key Stakeholders Impact Analysis

5.2. Market Drivers

5.3. Market Restraints/Challenges

5.4. Market Opportunities

Chapter 6. Global Catheter Market – By Type

6.1. Cardiovascular Catheters

6.2. Angiography catheters

6.3. IVUS/OCT catheters

6.4. Guiding catheters

6.5. Electrophysiology catheters

6.6. Balloon catheters

      Urological Catheters

6.7. Urinary Catheters

      Indwelling/Foley Catheters
      Intermittent Catheters
      External Catheters

6.8. Dialysis Catheters

      Hemodialysis catheters
      Peritoneal dialysis catheters;
      Intravenous Catheters

6.9. Peripheral Catheters

6.10. Midline Peripheral Catheters

6.11. Central Venous Catheters

         Peripherally inserted central catheters
         Non-tunneled central catheters
         Skin-tunneled central catheter
         Implantable ports
         Neurovascular Catheters
         Specialty Catheters

6.12. Pressure and Hemodynamic Monitoring Catheters

6.13. Temperature Monitoring Catheters

6.14. Intrauterine Insemination Catheters

6.15. Other Catheters

Chapter 7. Global Catheter Market – By End-User

7.1. Hospitals

7.2. Long-term Care Facilities

7.3. Diagnostic Imaging Centers

7.4. Other End Users

Chapter 8. Global Catheter Market, By Geography - Market Size, Forecast, Trends & Insights

8.1. North America

8.1.1. U.S.A

8.1.2. Canada

8.1.3. Mexico

8.2. Europe

8.2.1. Italy

8.2.2. Spain

8.2.3. Russia

8.2.4. Germany

8.2.5. UK

8.2.6. France

8.2.7. Rest of Europe

8.3. Asia Pacific

8.3.1. Japan

8.3.2. South Korea

8.3.3. China

8.3.4. India

8.3.5. Australia & New Zealand

8.3.6. Rest of Asia-Pacific

8.4. Rest of the World

8.4.1. Middle East

8.4.2. Africa

8.4.3. South America

Chapter 9. Global Catheter Market – Company Profiles – (Overview, Product Portfolio, Financials, Developments)

9.1. Company 1

9.2. Company 2

9.3. Company 3

9.4. Company 4

9.5 Company 5

9.6. Company 6

9.7. Company 7

9.8. Company 8

9.9. Company 9

9.10. Company 10

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