Custom Research

Custom research is a type of study that is financed and carried out by a single organisation, the client. Companies that conduct market research manage the campaigns and deliver data specifically tailored to their requirements. In the case of custom market research, the firm, or the client that purchases the data, has control over the scope of the study, which in turn controls the survey's participants, the questionnaire, the quotas, and other. Custom research lives up to its name in this sense because it may be altered to meet the needs of the client.

Custom research is the best option for a firm when it needs information that directly relates to its own business characteristics.

Custom market research can provide mission-critical insights concerning:

  • Market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting
  • Technology trends, industry drivers, and regulatory factors
  • Market share analysis
  • Competitive intelligence and profiling
  • Acquisition, candidate identification and due diligence
  • Channel analysis
  • Value chain analysis, including profitability and level of integration
  • Voice of customers, such as unmet needs and purchasing criteria
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Patent Landscape
  • Epidemiology Insights
  • Drug Insights
  • Trade Analysis
  • Key Developments (product launch and others)
  • Others

We execute a customised blend of in-person and online research, workshops, and focus groups with your targeted audience based on business needs. Unparalleled access to the inputs of the decision-makers you need to reach and, more significantly, comprehend is provided by our own, extensive customer database.

Our skilled teams can conduct in-depth interviews with representatives from target firms, their partners across the value chain, and other significant players in your market niche thanks to their extensive industry knowledge. From this data, we then provide pertinent insights and suggestions for you.

Custom Surveys & Research

We are specialists in creating and executing unique surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other forms of data collection. Whether you want to use pre-existing data or start from scratch, we'll help you define the questions you want to ask and then guide you towards the answer.

Program Evaluation

Utilise the useful & practical research insights for your internal assessments or to share with important donors or stakeholders. Measure your impact or identify a problem.

Grant Support

We are aware of the value of statistics when making a case for funding or a grant, which frequently involves a long-term commitment to deliverable results. We'll be there for you all the way through.

Additional Custom Research Services

Our goal is to spread knowledge; thus, our reports are highly appealing and captivating as educational. Alongside, we also provide custom research offerings to fit your imperatives best.

Analyst Support

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