Syndicated Research

Customers who purchase our research typically get a clear overview of the market of interest. It involves analysis of trends influencing its current makeup & likely future development, competitive intelligence, practical consumer behaviour and attitude insights that will help them build growth strategies and strengthen their market position.

Virtue Market Research has:

  • Highly experienced Industry Experts from multiple domains
  • Machine Learning, AI and Human Analysis based output
  • Dynamic Models ensuring highest Accuracy backed by Key Opinion Leaders

VMR thinks it is ideal to ask those who are already involved in a market rather than someone who has only read about it. This implies that we gather first-hand information through surveys and interviews with authorities from the target markets, then we analyse the information and present it in the report.

  • As the sample size is frequently big and the methodology allows for easy weighting and extrapolation of data, syndicated research can give a fair perspective of the market.
  • It is possible to identify industry trends, which can help one better comprehend the market environment in each industry.
  • A syndicated study can provide detailed competitive insights and trends.

Providing a Representative Overview of the Market:

A good syndicated research ensures a representative sample of the entire market, whereas custom research frequently concentrates on a particular subject/issue or population. It offers a precise picture of all market participants, including consumers, clients, and companies. To accurately deliver pertinent and useful intelligence, the sample should be sufficiently large and weighted.

Identifying Industry Trends:

Syndicated research often offers a macro-level picture of the problems affecting a specific industry because it is conducted on a wide scale. Organizations wishing to comprehend the market environment and their place within it, as well as those needing a head start on issues likely to have an impact on the sector in the future, might benefit from syndicated research.

Measuring Brand Awareness, Strength, and Perceptions:

Syndicated research enables companies to examine how existing and potential consumers perceive their brands and product offerings in comparison to those of their rivals.

Offering Competitive Intelligence

Syndicated research can be a useful resource for competitive intelligence professionals looking for information on how to position their company in a competitive market as it provides insights on both broad-level industry trends and a detailed understanding of particular issue within the industry or market.

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