We are a strategic management firm helping companies to tackle most of their strategic issues and make informed decisions for their future growth. We offer syndicated reports and consulting services. Our reports are designed to provide insights on the constant flux in the global demand-supply gap of markets. We are a team with rich experience in management consulting ensuring high impact outputs for our clients.

We were founded in 2015 and are based in Pune. We today are team of 251 focused on market research and consulting projects. Revenue generated by us in 2019 was $25.2 million. We are growing rapidly and enhancing our expertise & experience.

We maintain transparency with our clients and deal with 3D research policy i.e. Data Collection, Data Processing and Data Validation. Below are the key factors which are part of our research and its output:

  • Information: Information that relates and makes sense to the clients products and markets
  • Expertise: Expert guidance and inputs to provide authenticate and validated analysis
  • Execution: Transparent and holistic methodology for execution backed by highly experienced expertise

Machine Learning/Data Science/Python plays major role in our research process involving data collection/gathering, reaching out to targets for primaries, data analysis, visualization and others. Our focus is more on authenticate & validated data which enables us to provide impactful insights and analysis to our clients.