Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market Research Report - Segmented by Application (DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, Titration, Microbiological growth media); and Region - Size, Share, Growth Analysis | Forecast (2023 – 2030)

Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market Size (2023 - 2030)

In 2022, the Global Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market was valued at USD 5.2 billion and is projected to reach a market size of USD 7.80 billion by 2030. Over the forecast period of 2023-2030, the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2%.

Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market

Industry Overview:

Bromocresol green sodium salt (BCG) is a triarylmethane dye belonging to the triphenylmethane family and has the chemical formula C21H13Br4NaO5S. It is a pH-sensitive triphenylmethane dye that can be used in a variety of colorimetric detection experiments and as activity tracking dye for DNA agarose gel electrophoresis. Additionally, it forms a significant quantitative bond with human albumin, resulting in a vivid blue-green complex. Additionally, it is employed in thin-layer chromatography (TLC) to see molecules with functional groups whose pKa values are lower than 5. Bromocresol green will ionize in an aqueous solution to produce a monoanionic form that is yellow below pH 3.8 and a dianionic form that is blue above pH 5.4 when it deprotonates. The use of bromocresol green is varied and includes titration, microbiological growth media, and DNA agarose gel electrophoresis. The essential component of the bromocresol green market is the microbiological growing medium. Bromocresol green sodium salt finds use in a variety of fields, including biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, clinical chemistry, the pharmaceutical sector, and the food business.


Bromocresol green sodium salt is employed as a pH indicator by pharmaceutical quality control laboratories for efficient procedures and technologies

 Bromocresol green sodium salt is utilized as a pH indicator for titration, microbiological growth media, and DNA agarose gel electrophoresis. When liver or kidney disease is suspected in humans or other mammals, blood serum albumin levels are typically measured. It is a member of the sulfonephthalein dye family.   It serves as a pH indicator in processes like titrations and microorganism growth media. It is frequently employed as a diagnostic method in clinical practice. The most typical application of bromocresol green is the determination of serum albumin content in mammalian blood samples in cases of potential liver and kidney illness. It serves as a tracking dye for DNA agarose gel electrophoresis as well as a pH indicator. The detection of ammonia, the measurement of albumin in human plasma and serum, and use in sol-gel matrices are further applications.




Market Size Available

2022 - 2030

Base Year


Forecast Period

2023 - 2030



Segments Covered

By Application, and Region

Various Analyses Covered

Global, Regional & Country Level Analysis, Segment-Level Analysis, DROC, PESTLE Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Analyst Overview on Investment Opportunities

Regional Scope

North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, Middle East & Africa

Key Companies Profiled

Merck KGaA,  Thermo Scientific Chemicals, MilliporeSigma, Sigma-Aldrich, Ricca Chemical, AFG Bioscience, Hangzhou Dayangchem Co. Ltd., Haihang Industry Co. Ltd., Xiamen Hisunny Chemical Co. Ltd., Nanjing Yuance Industry &Trade Co. Ltd., and Beijing Yunbang Biosciences Co. Ltd.

This research report on the global Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market has been segmented based on application, and region.

Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market – By Application

  • DNA agarose gel electrophoresis
  • Titration
  • Microbiological growth media

Based on Application, the Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market is segmented into DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, Titration, and Microbiological growth media. The utilization of bromocresol green sodium salt is found in a variety of industries, including biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and clinical chemistry. The titration is employed in the wine industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, wastewater analysis sector, and to compute the environmental factor. The industries that employ the microbiology growth media include those that produce meat, fish, beverages, processed foods, daily goods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. For microbiological testing, growth media is crucial as it makes it easier to create pure cultures, count microbial cells, and cultivate particular microorganisms. To get precise and repeatable findings from microbiological tests, high-quality growing media are crucial. Minerals, metals, buffer salts, nutrients, growth-promoting substances, energy sources, and gelling agents are all components of microbial growth media. Pharmaceutical quality control laboratories and the food and beverage sector still rely on microbial growth media due to greater use of quick procedures and technology.

Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market - By Region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Rest of the World

Geographically, the North American Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market leads the revenue share. The market is significantly driven by the existence of a sizable pool of biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions. The Asia Pacific Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market is anticipated to expand quickly throughout the forecast period.

Major Players in the Market

The major players operating in the Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market are

  1. Merck KGaA
  2. Thermo Scientific Chemicals
  3. MilliporeSigma
  4. Sigma-Aldrich
  5. Ricca Chemical
  6. AFG Bioscience
  7. Hangzhou Dayangchem Co. Ltd.,
  8. Haihang Industry Co. Ltd.
  9. Xiamen Hisunny Chemical Co. Ltd.
  10. Nanjing Yuance Industry &Trade Co. Ltd.
  11. Beijing Yunbang Biosciences Co. Ltd.

Notable happenings in the Global Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market in the recent past:

Product Launch – In August 2020, Thermo Fisher Scientific unveiled a new website that is solely targeted at the Indian market for its chemical business products. A wide variety of laboratory and production chemicals will have a dedicated platform on the internet. Alfa Aesar, Fisher Chemicals, Acros Organics,  Qualigens, Fisher Bioreagents, and Maybridge are just a few of Thermo Fisher Scientific's well-known chemical brands that will all fall under one umbrella.

Chapter 1.Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market – Scope & Methodology

1.1. Market Segmentation

1.2. Assumptions

1.3. Research Methodology

1.4. Primary Sources

1.5. Secondary Sources

Chapter 2.Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market – Executive Summary

2.1. Market Size & Forecast – (2022 – 2030) ($M/$Bn)

2.2. Key Trends & Insights

2.3. COVID-19 Impact Analysis

       2.3.1. Impact during 2022 - 2030

       2.3.2. Impact on Supply – Demand

Chapter 3.Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market – Competition Scenario

3.1. Market Share Analysis

3.2. Product Benchmarking

3.3. Competitive Strategy & Development Scenario

3.4. Competitive Pricing Analysis

3.5. Supplier - Distributor Analysis

Chapter 4.Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market Entry Scenario

4.1. Case Studies – Start-up/Thriving Companies

4.2. Regulatory Scenario - By Region

4.3 Customer Analysis

4.4. Porter's Five Force Model

       4.4.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

       4.4.2. Bargaining Powers of Customers

       4.4.3. Threat of New Entrants

       4.4.4. Rivalry among Existing Players

       4.4.5. Threat of Substitutes

Chapter 5.Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market - Landscape

5.1. Value Chain Analysis – Key Stakeholders Impact Analysis

5.2. Market Drivers

5.3. Market Restraints/Challenges

5.4. Market Opportunities

Chapter 6.Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market – By Application

6.1. DNA agarose gel electrophoresis

6.2. Titration

6.3. Microbiological growth media

Chapter 7. Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market- By Region

7.1. North America

7.2. Europe

7.3. Asia-Pacific

7.4. Latin America

7.5. The Middle East

7.6. Africa

Chapter8.Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt Market – Company Profiles – (Overview, Product Portfolio, Financials, Developments)

8.1. Merck KGaA

8.2. Thermo Scientific Chemicals

8.3. MilliporeSigma

8.4. Sigma-Aldrich

8.5. Ricca Chemical

8.6. AFG Bioscience

8.7. Hangzhou Dayangchem Co. Ltd.,

8.8. Haihang Industry Co. Ltd.

8.9. Xiamen Hisunny Chemical Co. Ltd.

8.10. Nanjing Yuance Industry &Trade Co. Ltd.

8.11. Beijing Yunbang Biosciences Co. Ltd.

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